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Zero waste: The soap floats

Solid bar soaps are back in vogue. In an ideal world, they would be fully ecological, without packaging, and would be completely used up. This is easy with the new SAVONT soap holder.

Solid soap is soft, slips out of your hand, and leaves unsightly streaks and smears — whether at the sink, in the bathtub, or in the shower. It rarely dries out completely in the soap dish. Where it rests, it stays slippery and wet for a long time. This is uncomfortable and also consumes an unnecessary amount of your valuable product.

We at SAVONT love soap and have developed an innovative holder that solves all these problems. The SAVONT soap holder can be easily attached without drilling or gluing. A suction cup with an integrated magnet holds a special metal plate mount for the soap. The effect is amazing: the soap literally floats in the sink. Now it can dry out perfectly and be used up completely. If you need the soap in a different place, the SAVONT soap holder can simply be removed and reattached in moments.

The ultimate idea behind zero waste:

Zero-waste is a philosophy about striving for sustainability that has been around since the beginning of the 21st century. It doesn’t stop at the bathroom, either. In addition to solid bar soap, there are, for example, bamboo toothbrushes, reusable make-up pads and so-called “solid” deodorants with only natural and organic ingredients.

So SAVONT fits into the philosophy wonderfully, and it’s also available without packaging for zero-waste stores. It is an innovative and easy-to-use soap holder, reduced to just a few individual parts, and it can be used flexibly in wash basins, bathtubs, or showers. The use of solid bar soap can be so practical and sustainable. Solid bar soap and SAVONT go together like siblings …

… and a special plus is our exclusive dealer card that draws attention to the SAVONT soap holder offer, whether online or in shops.