How to draw attention to your soap?

Solid soaps are one of the oldest cleaning agents, however they were displaced by liquid soap and are now back in vogue. They are economical, clean extremely well, require no preservatives and are low in packaging.

Solid soap has distinct advantages, but they apply to all solid soaps, not just your own. After all, how are consumers supposed to recognize the advantages of your soap in particular?

We claim that customers have difficulty distinguishing soaps from each other, except of course via your brand’s USP.

Why the solid soap was pushed out

Despite its efficiency and long tradition, solid soap has been largely replaced by liquid soap. This is despite the fact that liquid soap has significant disadvantages: it requires preservatives, is higher in consumption and relies on a container or plastic bottle.

The reason is, the solid soap had and still has a decisive disadvantage that gives the liquid soap the nose ahead: 

A solid bar of soap softens in the soap dish and looks messy while bathing in its suds. Taped or drilled magnetic wall holders solved this problem in part, but when reaching for the soap, you bring drops of water outside the sink.

Where SAVONT comes in

With help of our soap holder solution, invented in 2017, several problems of a solid soap could be solved at the same time:

  • the soap has no contact with the surface and can dry off completely
  • the soap remains economical
  • it can be picked from inside the sink, no water drops come out and the outer sink will remain clean
  • soapsuds drip inside the washbasin
  • and no soap suds collect in or under a soap dish

Product Development & Solutions

Feel free to contact us at the beginning of the development of your soap, natural soap or solid shampoo. 

We can

  • offer different packaging concepts
  • Single packaging and triple packaging or
  • offer combination packaging soap holder with your soap (bundle)
  • pack for you in your packaging
  • support you with the packaging design and do the printing for you
  • individualize the soap button for you by means of embossing
  • offer different sizes of soap buttons

In a conversation with a big soap manufacturer, he told us: “without the right holding solution, we cannot win the battle against liquid soap”. 

Your soap’s beauty takes center stage. The soap holder takes a back seat, allowing your soap to be the star.

Are you a distributor and want to include the Savont Soap Holder in your portfolio?

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