Soap for the Hair

Organic is important to me; it’s mode de vie, a way of life. I avoid plastic wrappers and I want to know what’s inside the grooming products that I use. That’s exactly what I usually do not know about hair shampoos. I hate to leave my hair to chemistry. It uses silicones to smooth the hair strands, sulfates for cleaning and foaming, parabens for durability. Dyes ensure a pleasing appearance of the product. Mon Dieu! Apropos foam: We like it when a shampoo lathers and almost expect it. What really makes the hair clean are man-made surfactants and you do not need any foam for them. This is just an optical effect, and I have noticed that I use a lot more shampoo when it foams.

So, I went in search of alternatives to the usual shampoos, and, after various, to my mind, not very sensual attempts with baking soda and clay, I came across good old hair-washing soap.

If you read my last post, you already know that I love not only life, but also soaps, their aesthetic aspects and the meditative act of lathering up.

Hair-washing soaps are suitable for different hair types, depending on the ingredients. Olive oil is good for greasy hair, for example, and laurel oil makes the soap rather moisturizing. Palm oil should be completely dispensed with in hair-washing soaps. At least you should pay attention when buying. Palm oil is produced cheaply and environmentally harmfully, and the working conditions on the plantations contribute to the fact that I can do without it. Also in food, by the way, because it consists for the most part of unhealthy, saturated fatty acids.

Hair-washing soaps do not require extensive packaging material and are easy to handle. If the soap is too big for you, just cut it into small pieces before use.

A completely new attitude to life emerged when I found the soap that was right for me and used it for a while. Even the act of hair washing is very sensual. You get your hair really wet, lather up the soap in your hands (yes, the soap even foams! And I love this very natural mousse de savon) and massage the scalp vigorously (please be careful here, because the soap does burn the eyes). Then you rinse your hair thoroughly.

Hair-washing soaps can sometimes make your hair and scalp a little drier on sensitive people. For you I recommend Huile d’olive and citron à la Michelle as a solution. Mix 2 tablespoons (organic!) olive oil with 2 tablespoons natural lemon juice and spread this mixture on your scalp; after about 20 minutes you can wash it out.

My hair feels soft, fresh and, above all, very lively. It is as if it’s thanking me for using environmentally friendly hair-washing products.

The soap holders from Savont give all this the necessary support. My hair floats in the wind; the soap floats on the soap holder.

Salut et à bientôt, Yours, Michelle Savont