Seife in der Hand

Soap and Savont – Right down to the last soap molecule

The truth is found in the complete merging of everything, the philosopher Hegel said, and nothing is as complete as the merging of a bar of soap and a good soap holder. Nothing more is needed for cleanliness and sustainability. Your bar of solid soap should be unwrapped and exposed to as much air flow as possible. You can put it on the innovative Savont soap holder, and you can wash your hands down to the last soap molecule. That is very appropriate and important, especially now in the uncertain coronavirus pandemic era.

Savont lets the soap float in the sink, bathtub or shower stall without drilling, sticking or oozing greasy residue. The solid soap, together with the Savont soap holder, becomes a complete product for personal cleanliness, quickly assembled and removable at any time.

“You need products that are thought through to the end,” says Michelle Savont, “then they serve beauty.” Soap and Savont – a completely new, simple and sustainable way of grooming.