Magnetischer Seifenhalter am Waschbecken

SAVONT – the soap holder for minimalists

We have to sleep in order to be awake, and we have to let our muscles relax in order to be able to contract them again. If everything gets to be too much, then a counter-movement of letting go and simplifying is needed. All of this is a basic principle of life.

And that is why there is once more a trend toward organic soaps—and the Savont soap holder—after soaps have become a liquid with chemical additives in plastic containers.

Savont is a sophisticated product for the lifestyle movement of minimalism: a metal plate that is pressed into the soap, a magnet, and a suction cup. The soap floats in the sink, does not spill, and can be used up completely. This is a relief for people who are critical of consumption and ecologically motivated.

The simplicity invoked here is not about asceticism but about quality instead of quantity. The secret of minimalism is to do without the unnecessary to make room for the essential. Soap in the sink and in the shower is definitely essential. But please make it organic, without unnecessary packaging and with a soap holder that enables the complete consumption of the soap.

Less is more. More soap and complete drying of the soap after washing. And aesthetics also count: the soap floats elegantly in the sink or on the shower wall.