Bathroom planning with flexibility

Many customers are reluctant to commit to the „final“ when planning the bathroom. All installations have to be considered when renovating or refurbishing a bathroom, which then remain permanent. Life changes and also in view of costs and flexibility, the question arises whether smaller installations such as soap holders or soap dispensers should be permanently installed?

Personal hygiene needs a practical organization with room for change. SAVONT offers solutions for holding soap bars that can be flexibly attached and removed by means of a suction cup, without drilling or gluing.

Especially with countertop sinks, common solutions rely on reaching outside the sink for the soap. You bring water and impurities onto the bathroom furniture. 

Storing a solid soap next to the sink

Solid bars of soap are in vogue, which do not require conservatives and a plastic bottle compared to a liquid soap. But the question arises, where to put the bar of soap?

In the soap dish, the soap softens. Other solutions need to be drilled or glued to the wall. Is this flexible and really desirable? 

SAVONT specializes in attaching bars of soap by suction cup directly inside the sink. This brings tidiness because the soap has its fixed place. It brings cleanliness because it is no longer necessary to reach outside the sink for the soap and leave a trail of drops onto the furniture.

Sought after accessory in the bathroom and sanitary online store

Lovers of solid soap are looking for solutions to be able to put down their soap neatly.  Our product does not have a high price, but a great effect. The magnetic soap holder is the ideal additional article e.g. for 

  • Online stores for sanitary and bathroom
  • Purchasing associations for sanitary and bathroom
  • As promotional gift for the end consumer, you are e.g. glazier and install showers or run a plumbing business

Promotional gift with wow factor

Feel free to contact us if you are looking for a functional promotional gift that will trigger an wow factor. Our customers are thrilled with how pleasant the use of solid soap becomes with the SAVONT holder. We can

  • offer different packaging concepts
  • Single packaging and triple packaging or
  • offer combination packaging soap holder with your soap (bundle)
  • pack for you in your packaging
  • support you with the packaging design and do the printing for you
  • individualize the soap button for you by means of embossing
  • offer different sizes of soap buttons

With our soap holder solution you will be kept in positive memory for a long time.



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