Comparison of Soap Holders and Soap Dishes

Soap holders and soap dishes should be judged by three criteria:

  1. Can the soap dry completely?
  2. Does the sink edge stay clean?
  3. Does the sink edge remain free?

Soap dish with drip tray: In a soap dish with a drip tray, the soap normally rests on a grid or grate of usually plastic or metal. The resulting soapy water is collected in a drip tray. The soap cannot dry completely in this type of storage.

Soap dish without drip tray: For a soap dish without a drip tray, the soapy water drips onto the edge of the sink. The soap cannot dry completely here either.

Magnetic soap holder: The biggest advantage of this soap holder is that the soap hangs freely and dries completely. However, it depends on drilling or gluing the soap holder to the wall. Furthermore, soapy water drips onto the edge of the sink and water droplets are transported to the edge of the sink during hand washing.

Soap holder with suction cup: You do not need to drill or glue this soap holder because it is affixed to the wall with suction cups. The disadvantage, however, is that the soap cannot dry completely, a regular cleaning of the bars is necessary, and soapy water drips on the sink rim when washing hands.

TypePictureSoap dries 100%Sink edge stays cleanSink edge stays free
Magnetic soap holder with suction cup
Bamboo soap dish
Soap dish with drip tray for soapy water
Wall-mounted magnetic soap holder
Stainless steel soap holder with suction cup