Weg mit Müll bedeckt

Choose Savont instead of Packaging Madness

In 2018, the consumption of packaging in Germany rose to a record high of 18.9 million tons! A further increase is expected this year, especially because of the coronavirus crisis. This is mainly due to the one-use, disposable packaging that is used for take-away and home-delivery services. The additional need for personal hygiene articles also increases the consumption of plastic bottles. Unfortunately, non-biodegradable plastic is still being used.

The avoidance of reusable packaging is often justified with arguments that it is more hygienic, although it is actually due to convenience. But why shower using gel in plastic bottles when there is soap that you can get unwrapped?! Why use shampoo in plastic bottles when there is solid soap for your hair? There are attractive alternatives, and the Savont soap holder invites you to use them.

Solid, pure, organic soaps (natural soaps mixed with nurturing, fragrant oils) are increasingly replacing conventional hygiene articles.

With the purchase of such natural soaps, you not only save plastic packaging, but you also save your skin unnecessary and environmentally harmful chemical ingredients such as palm oil, silicone, microplastics and mineral oil. All of these things are incorporated into conventional products.

Savont is an innovative and easy-to-use soap holder that has been reduced to a few essential parts. It can be used flexibly in the wash basin, bathtub or shower – and it is extremely sustainable because it can be removed again and again and re-attached in another place. With this we are adhering to the Zero Waste ideology. >> LINK to the article from 2019. Zero Waste

Natural solid soaps, which are also available for hair, can be easily attached to the soap holder and serve hygiene and health protection in the long term – not only in these times of the coronavirus but also well beyond.

… and when you get really hungry after your shower experience, you can go to the restaurant around the corner, freshly cared for and with your own reusable dinnerware, and stock up on fresh food – for a holistic, feel-good experience.