No organization in the caravan and motorhome?

At least that is over at the sink and in the shower!

Especially in the camper, all objects must be stowed or fixed during the trip.  Even the soap dish or the bottle with liquid soap.  And if you want to wash your hands quickly, where is the soap?

SAVONT offers the possibility to fix a solid bar of soap firmly inside the washbasin. The soap can be removed by the magnetic attraction of the soap button you push into the soap. It can be hung back on the small but strong magnetic suction cup holder.

The product is applicable both inside the sink, as well as in the shower, on all surfaces that are smooth and have no porosities. The holder can also be attached in the kitchen sink. Below you can see a picture of how we fixed the holder to the sink cover.

Faithful companion in the camper and boat

Firmly fixed with the soap holder from SAVONT

Whether in the caravan, camping, motor home, or sailing yacht and boat. The SAVONT soap holder simplifies life even in the outdoor area. It sucks to all smooth and non-porous surfaces. 

Your bar of soap holds cleanly and as if floating with the help of a high-quality magnet on the sink, glass, or smooth shower wall. Firm even when vibrated, the soap stays in place and makes the best use of even small storage space.

With the SAVONT soap holder with the soap button made of stainless steel, you will have your favorite soap reliably with you on every vacation adventure. You can enjoy freedom while the personal scent of your home soap reliably accompanies you. A piece of comfort equipment with flexibility ensures anticipation on your next tour.

Accompanies every adventure

In 2017, SAVONT set out to make soap float. First, we specialized in the bathroom area: Bathroom sink and shower. In the spring of 2022, with the “Traveler”, SAVONT made it possible to let a soap float even when traveling. We combined a soap box with a soap holder. 

Whether you use the shower of the campsite or a mountain hut after a long hike. Whether you are taking a trip around the world by plane and enjoying the bathroom of your hotel room or sailing in the South Seas. You or your customers will love to be able to use their own soap and use it as they would at home.

Simply install our soap holder in your camper or boat using the suction cup and attach the soap to the magnet. In your luggage, you can store your favorite soap, which is floating inside your Traveler soap box. At your destination, take out the soap and the soap holder, fix it in the shower or sink and enjoy the luxury of your own soap. 

Customized for you

A convenient product for your camping accessories online store, an accessory in the boat catalog or as a striking promotional gift, we can customize our products for you.

  • Very cost-effective and suitable for small quantities is the application of stickers on our products, for example, as shown here on the paper bag. We agree on the size and shape of the stickers together, you supply the print data, and we take care of the printing and sticking.
  • For medium-sized quantities of approx. 3-5,000 or more, it’s worth considering your own packaging design. From this quantity upwards, printing prices drop noticeably.
  • You can choose from our portfolio of packaging: single pack, three-pack or as a bundle with your soap. We can also supply high-quality soaps, cold or hot processed,  that can be branded according to your wishes.



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