Savont Seifenhalter

The Savont Soap Holder complete with suction cup and magnetic plates.

  • Can be mounted on or inside the sink, in the bathtub or in the shower
  • Suction cup adheres to all smooth surfaces
  • Holds soaps up to 120g in every position
  • Always removable and can be re-attached
  • No drilling; no gluing; always clean

Made in Germany. Uses high-performance suction cup with strong magnet for firm hold.

Save your soap

Always dry and tidy with the Soap Holder from SAVONT

Die Aufbewahrung fester Seife ist immer wieder ein Problem: Liegt die Seife in einer Seifenschale, weicht sie auf. Soll sie an einem Seifenhalter mit Magnet befestigt werden, muss man bohren oder kleben, sofern man keinen Seifenhalter mit Saugnapf hat.

SAVONT ist ein Seifenhalter, mit dem Sie feste Seifen direkt innerhalb des Waschbeckens aufbewahren können. Über einen Saugnapf erfolgt die Befestigung ohne bohren und kleben. Die Seife hängt an einem Magneten und trocknet damit innerhalb des Waschbeckens vollständig ab. Seifenlaugen fließen direkt in das Waschbecken. Die Anbringung des Seifenhalters in der Dusche oder Badewanne ist identisch.

Flexible soap holder for sink, shower and bath

Always at hand - always clean - without drilling or gluing

Conventional soap dishes have the disadvantages that the soap softens on the bottom, and dirt accumulates on the soap’s surface. Even drain holes offer no remedy here.

SAVONT has the advantage that the soap doesn’t rest on anything, thus avoiding softening or soiling. The soap holder can be affixed directly to the sink, bath or shower on any smooth surface without gluing or drilling.

Very easy to use

Attaching the SAVONT soap holder is child’s play

  • Clean the appropriate area in the sink, shower or bathtub
  • Attach the suction cup
  • Press the metal plate into the soap*
  • The soap can already be hung inside the sink
  • no drilling, no gluing, always clean

* In case of very dry soaps, it may be necessary to foam the soap after pressing the plate into the soap and then allow it to harden overnight.


Seife Seifenhalter

Always dry

Your soap can dry completely because it doesn’t rest on anything.


Sink stays clean

Your sink stays clean. No traces of water or soap outside the sink.

Savont spart Seife und Geld

Saves soap

Solid soap is far more economical and cheaper than liquid soap.



The Savont Soap Holder can be moved and attached elsewhere again and again.

Seifenhalter ohne bohren

No drilling

No drilling of unwanted holes necessary. The soap holder can be attached to any smooth surface.

Seifenhalter ohne kleben

No gluing

Attach without gluing using a suction cup.

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